Life after the wife

So as you can tell from my life continues to change on a daily basis. I shared in my last post that I started drinking after an 8 year hiatus. Now another big announcement:

Change #2: The wife and I have split…

After a year of “marriage” we have gone our separate ways. I had her move out. Her and I have had our share of problems. We fought on a daily basis and hardly ever agreed on anything. But 2 Thursdays ago is when shit really hit the fan.

Our local casino has a thing they do on Thursdays. There is always a different cover band playing outside on the “patio”. People come, drink, laugh, and listen to music. The wife and I decided to get a hotel room that night so we could have a nice time and not worry about having to drive home. Some of my coworkers joined us for the evening as well.

Everything started off nice. I had a couple martinis and was feeling pretty good. The wife was drinking her Bud Lite Lime and her and I were getting along fine. However, once the wife started having more beer, and a few shots, and more beer…things started to get rough. She started acting sloppy and started getting mean. Rather than make a scene at the casino, I chose to ignore it and her to be honest. I was still having a good time at this point.

There is a big circular bar at the center of the casino. Me, the wife, and a few of my friends/ER coworkers were there. The wife was slurring her words and being quite rude to people. I went over to a table to talk to one of my friends and the wife followed me over. I looked at her and said “Please get the fuck away from me right now.” Her response? She picked up my martini glass and threw it against the wall smashing it into a million pieces. OMFG! I didnt even know how to react. However security did. They escorted her off the gaming floor and back over to the hotel side. I went with her since I had the keys to the room and was hoping to just tuck her drunk ass into bed. But no. When she is wasted she is like a drunk energizer bunny. She keeps going and going and going and going and going….. She continues to fight with me in the room.

By this time my engagement ring has been ripped off my finger (ouch) and I am trying to make an exit. I say to her that she can stay the night in the hotel room since it is paid for and all. I make a mad dash for the door and I leave with my large oversized bag in tow.

I get a sober ride back to my home and lay down in bed.

I have received 42 calls from her at this point and I ignored everyone.

But did that stop her?? No. She proceeds to take an Uber from the casino back to the house to continue our argument. It was absolutely insane.

By 6am, the cops had to be called.

So I gave her the boot. No one, not even me, has time to deal with that kind of drama. I am 30 years old. I do not need police cruisers in my driveway at 530am.

It has not been easy on me, or the kid for that matter. We miss having her around. But how can you go back to a relationship with someone who calls you a “whore” and “a shitty mother” when they’re drinking? Not this girl. So it is back to being just me and the kid. I am going to try and use the time to work on myself I guess.

So many changes in my life. I hope everything stops falling apart soon.

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