Weight watchers round 2

So from my last post you all know that I have been trying to get re-acclimated to AA. Still going to meetings and trying to rebuild a relationship with a high power that I once had. But anyone who has ever read my blog knows that I can’t just focus on one part of my life. I have to throw everything at the wall and see what sticks. So….im back on Weight Watchers.

Today is day 4. I have however decided to try something different. I am not weighing myself for the first 2 weeks. I do not want the number on the scale to deter me from eating better. I am starting back at 210 lbs and 5″6. I am allowed 25 points per day.

So far so good. I have been sticking to my points. I was able to accomplish a 100 lb weight loss 5 years ago using this same strategy. Since working in the ER, I have not been able to “get with the program” so to speak.

Difficulties for me are eating on the go, being too tired to cook anything, and I also have the wife who LOVES feeding me. Apple fritters, bacon croissants, and more…. She brings me food to work all the time and I am always starving! It is so hard to turn her down. She is supportive but she is also Italian and shows her love by feeding me delicious foods. I have to find a balance. I still have MUCH difficulty with exercise.

Can I stick with it this time? Only time will tell. Fuuucckkk…

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