Are diet and exercise the answer?!

So I think I have finally hit a wall. I am so disgusted with myself and my weight what I could scream. I have so far tried Keto, low carb, Welbutrin… none of these with exercise. Have I been going about this all wrong? I have been trying all of these methods to lose weight with no fucking success. It is hard to believe that there was a time when I was 260 lbs and I dropped 100 of it by simply following Weight Watchers. How the fuck did I do that?! Now I am here, almost 5 years later and I cant even lose 10 lbs. I am currently 5’6 and weigh 207 lbs.

So I called a weight loss clinic today. I even made an appointment that was an hour and a half away. I guess I thought that they would prescribe me some miracle pill that would solve all my problems. Or maybe they would say I am a perfect candidate for weight loss surgery.

I tell the wife about the appointment and she is less than enthused. I am laying in my “spot” on the bed. She calls it my spot because that is exactly what it is. When I am not working or eating or bathing, I am laying on the left portion of my California king bed. It is my favorite place in the house to lay. She looks at me and reminds me I am a nurse. She asks me what I would say to anyone else who was in my situation. And the answer is “eat better and get off your ass.” For too long I have been using the excuse of being an ER nurse who is on my feet all day and when I am home I don’t want to do anything. But the truth is, I have never really tried exercise.

It seems like such a simple idea. Move. My. Ass. Actually get up and exercise.

Now I HATE this idea. The wife and I have had an elliptical that has sat in its box in the basement for weeks. It has sat there for a reason.

She stresses the fact that I want to go see a specialist at a clinic about weight loss yet I have not even joined a gym or gone for a walk around the neighborhood. Ugh it is so aggravating when she is right.

I realize that I want an easy way out. I don’t want to have to work for it. I want to eat magic food or take a magic pill and call it a day. I guess it does not work like that.

So I guess today is day 1 of my new adventure. Eating better and exercising.

Side note..I actually assembled the elliptical too.

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