My sex life is amazing…

So as I have blogged about many times. I am a super lesbian. I am as gay as it gets. I work hard so I play hard…in the bedroom. Sometimes I like to be whats called a “pillow princess”. Urban dictionary states a pillow princess is:

“A woman who enjoys sex, but prefers not to reciprocate as much as she gives. She feels both parties’ pleasure should be reached by pleasuring her.”

Sometimes I want to lay there and feel good, and the wife does things with her mouth that should have books written about it. We are into some pretty kinky stuff. I definitely like to be dominated. The wife definitely loves to dominate.

Our sex like is hot and sexy. I assume that everyone wishes they had sex like we do. She tells me what to do and I love to listen…most times : ) I also enjoy telling her to sit on my face until I cant breathe.

My work in the ER is so stressful. It is so nice to be able to come home and get the shit fucked out of me to relieve it. I dont drink alcohol and I am a full time mom, so it is where I get to let loose. Her and I have become very comfortable with each other. Not in the boring sense, but in the sense that I can open myself up to her and truly give my whole body to her, and her to me.

Last night I had game night at my house with a few of my friends. We played “What the Meme”. It was hilarious. But by 8:30pm I couldn’t stop staring at the wife and just wanting her tongue between my thighs. It can be very distracting.

In my past relationships I sacrificed good sex. I thought in order to be with a loyal nice person, the sex would just be lackluster. I thought in order to have a good healthy trusting relationship, the person has to be slightly unattractive and sex would become obligatory.  I had accepted that I would have a fulfilling life in other aspects, but the bedroom would not be one of them.

I was wrong….sooooo wrong. The wife has opened me up to orgasms that I never thought were possible. We may disagree on many things and argue about day to day stuff, but we are solid in the sex department.

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