“Donald Trump is a shithead!”

I still remember when Donald Trump made office, the kid came home with a picture of “Trump is President” from school. She even colored his skin in neon orange which was surprisingly accurate. I was appalled by this. I have never been a fan of Trump and to see that my own flesh and blood thought he was “sweet and generous”, made me want to vomit. #kidforsale. So an interesting thing happened last night.

The wife, kid and I were driving to a school movie night after eating dinner at a local Italian restaurant. Ice Age was going to be playing and the kid was very excited. The topic of Donald Trump came up. The wife and I are strict Democrats and both of us despise Trump. Its just about the only thing we agree upon. My kid starts saying that Donald Trump is the nicest man she’s ever met…..

No, my child has never met the president….

The wife states “Donald Trump is a shithead!” I gave her a glaring look for using the foul language despite the fact that she was 100% accurate. The kid asks the wife “why do you not like our president?? He is so sweet!” Give me 3 reasons she says.

The wife responds with:

#1 Trump hates black people

#2 Trump hates Mexicans

#3 Trump hates poor people.

My kid especially did not like the third reason.  We have been teaching her that there are kids and families that struggle to put food on the table and who have never had things like Firesticks and iPads. We showed her images of 3rd world countries who live in poverty and explained that not everyone has it as good as she does. So I have to admit, I was pretty proud that these facts about Trump troubled her.

So after the wife lists these reasons, my kid states, “Donald Trump is a big stupid shithead!” OMG I laughed my ass off. Don’t get me wrong, I never condone foul language from my 8 year old,  but sometimes its one of those “kids say the darnest things” moments.

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