So there is this battle among many ER nurses and ICU nurses. The ER has issues with the unit because they think they are Gods gift to medicine and expect every patient we send up to be fluffed, tucked, and ready for the fucking prom. ICU nurses dislike ER nurses because they think that we think we are Gods gift to medicine and we send up shit show patients with 10000 tasks undone. However, yesterday I had a small epiphany. The thought crossed my mind that maybe I would want to be an ICU nurse.

I got a patient in from a local nursing home with “stroke like symptoms”. So I prepare the telestroke cart and get ready to send them straight to CT on arrival. My patient arrives and I instantly called shenanigans. The pt was MHMR, cerebral palsy, and non verbal 99% of the time. How the fuck can anyone tell if this young woman is having “stroke like symptoms”? She can’t follow commands like, “stick your tongue out”, or “show me a big smile.” Her limbs were flaccid to begin with so there was no testing bilateral strength in extremities. I give the paramedic this look of confusion and he just responds with a shoulder shrug.

Now I am not saying this woman does not have medical issues. She has an indwelling catheter, a PEG tube, and a PICC line in her right arm. She was recently admitted to the hospital for sepsis as well,  so I knew this woman could be sick. I am just saying that shes not having a stroke as far as anyone can tell from her outward symptoms.

So I get this woman all straightened out on her sheets and place a pillow under her head. I have to admit, it was nice taking care of someone who wasn’t yelling at me or constantly hitting their call bell because they need a list of TV channels or a turkey sandwich. She was surprisingly well taken care of at the nursing home. Her lips were not chapped, her teeth looked clean, and she had no open areas or bed sores that I could find. This was an unusual finding because nursing homes are infamous for sending in train wrecks.

She remained my patient through my entire shift. I found myself wanting to go into the room to check on her and reposition her to where I think she would be comfortable. The only thing that came back on her was an elevated WBC at 20.2. I knew she would be admitted at that point. Her admitting doctor wanted her to go to the unit. I was actually relieved my this prospect. I truly wanted this woman to get the best care possible. I didnt want her to go to a med surg floor where the nurse/patient ratio is 6:1.

So here was my epiphany…maybe I would like to be an ICU nurse at some point. Maybe it would be nice to provide care to 2 patients that were critically ill instead of a revolving door of 4 patients that range anywhere from bullshit to really sick. Many people in the unit are on vents so they dont talk which is nice also to be completely honest. So who knows, maybe Ill have to change my blog to ICULife someday.


Today is my day off thank fucking god. The wife and I are surprising the kid with a kiddy spa package at a local salon. She is going to love it! She is such a little diva. Today is day 8 on weight watchers. I cheated a few times and ate in the middle of the night. It is so hard for me. I am trying to drop this extra weight but I sometimes feel like its a lost cause. I wish I could “love myself for how I am right now” but that’s a fucking lie. I also need to clean really bad today. Does anyone else ever feel like their house is always a mess no matter how much you clean? I feel I spend 95% of the time picking up, cleaning, straightening…its fucking exhausting. I need a fucking maid. That would be nice. A sexy maid who cleans the house naked…maybe I can convince the wife to do this. However then no cleaning would be done because she would just throw me on the kitchen counter and devour me instead. Then once again, another mess to clean : )

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