“I have pain in my feet when I wear certain shoes.”

Yes. I shit you not. That was a complaint from a patient I had today. He decided that on a Friday evening at 6 o clock it would be a good idea to come down to the local Emergency Room and complain that his feet hurt when he wears certain shoes…are you fucking kidding me? I have a guy who is literally shitting out of his mouth with a bowel obstruction next door, but this guy is having issues with his loafers?? I can’t even sometimes with this job.

Now I know I spend the majority of the time using this blog as a means to vent my frustrations with life, but so fucking what right? It makes me feel better to get it out.

I have my happy days too. They’re just not as interesting to write about. So anyways, things with wife are good again. We both had a few emotional days together but we made it through to the other side.

I look at her and just know she’s the one. She puts up with all my bullshit, my crazy kid, my sordid past, my designer bags of luggage.  I am not an easy person to deal with even though I try to convince myself otherwise. I can be needy and over bearing. I’m happy I’ve found someone who loves me despite these things. 

I’m nearing the end of my shift thank God. It has been a long day. My feet hurt. Maybe I should just fucking sign up as a patient. 

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