Life falling apart+on a diet=HELL

Let me begin with I am a fat ass. I weigh 200 lbs and I am only 5’6. My tits are an F cup and my chicken legs dont help. My face is pretty alright but I need to drop 50 lbs. I used to weigh 260lbs 4 years ago. I lost 100 of it by doing weight watchers…well over the past year I have gained 50 of it back. I dont know if its stress, or if its because I am FAPPY (FAT+HAPPY). I am with a beautiful girl who makes ME feel beautiful and in turn I eat everything in sight. I enjoy cheeseburgers and cake. So shoot me now because I have decided to go back on Weight Watchers. Today is day 3.
Today is also the third day of HELL in my life. The past 2 days in the ER have been sooooo bad. We were at maximum capacity and had to call an “ER State of Emergency” throughout the hospital. That basically means that we get a bunch of people to help us for maybe an hour. I should be grateful tho because I was 2 second from punching a patient in the face.

Oh Doris. Doris is a 94 year old woman who I almost choked the life out of. She fell at the nursing home and has dementia. She is also a screamer. You know what I mean. One of those elderly people who does nothing but scream over and over and over again even though they don’t have any actual complaints. She would scream at the top of her lungs, “HARRY!!!!!!HARRY WHERE ARE YOU???HARRRY???HARRY!!!!WHERE ARE YOU???HARRY!!!!?!?!”. She did this from 4:30 until the end of my shift at 8pm. And she was not a soft spoken broad. She had a set of lungs on her that would put King Kong to shame. I wanted to tell her “HARRY IS NEVER COMING! HE PROBABLY HATES YOU AS MUCH AS ME!!!!” I never actually found out if Harry was even a real person.

So I have this 2nd horrible day at work and I get out and call the wife to check in. Everything was good….

until it wasn’t…

Within 1 hour I had said something that made her rethink moving in with me. It also made her unsure if she wants to be with me anymore. Jesus Christ. Its like the shit keeps piling on. I cant take it some days. I feel like one of those circus acts with the guy who spins plates on those long sticks. I feel like I am trying everything I can to keep all my plates spinning but instead they just continue to fall and break and shards of glass are going into my eyeballs..its a mess.

So now I am unhappy at work, the wife is uncertain of our future together, and ALL I HAVE EATEN IS HEALTHY FOOD. I just want to order a Big Mac and sit in my bed and cry.

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