“My cooter hurts” Part II

So…let me finish

So of course this patient was positive for chlamydia and I also got to tell her the awesome news! But wait, there’s more.

This Big Dog STD lady was also pregnant.

I shuddered to think about another child being brought into the world by this woman. I mean she can’t even bathe or use protection let alone care for a baby. I mean she has her damn daughter put on her damn head phones so she can talk about her ex and how his dick drips. It was appalling.

When I went into the room to be the bearer of news, the woman was gone! It was a double edge sword. I felt bad that this woman is going to bear a child and I also felt bad for her current blue haired daughter Darleen. On the other hand, my nose had ceased being assaulted and the woman was no longer my problem. “Left after being seen by provider” ended uo being her disposition.

So the “my cooter hurts” lady will always be a mystery. I am sure she is spreading STD’s and continuing to wear her large t-shirts and drink her Big Gulp.

Unfortunately, this is the case with many of the people in the ER. A lot of them I am sure are a product of their upbringing and social status. However this is my fucking blog. The lady was fucking nasty and everytime I enter a Red Lobster, I am reminded of her smell like a bad omen. So, I will continue to write about these people that impact my life on a daily basis.



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