First Xmas with the wifes fam squad

Today I went to Christmas dinner at the wifes families. I brought the kid too of course. The morning started by having my 7 year old scream for us to wake up to see all the gifts she got from Santa. Sometimes I want to scream “I KNOW WHAT THEY ARE! I SPEND $5,000,000 ON THEM!” But instead I woke up enthusiastically and sat down that the dining room table so she could parade them in. ONE. AT. A. TIME. It was pretty cute I must say. She got the 2017 ed of the Taylor Swift Fan Book. My daughter is a swiftie 4 life. Those of you with kids her age must be up to date on everything Tay Tay. For instance, the tickets to her concert this summer are going for over $2,000 a piece. And no, I am not shelling out that money to take her. I am an ER nurse, not a hooker.

So after the Santa excitement, I went into cleaning mode. I am one of those weird people that when I get started on a cleaning/organizing mission, there is no stopping me. It is probably my OCD and generalized anxiety disorder kicking into overdrive; I just go with it. So I pull out the Pine Sol and get to work. I love having having the whole house smell of pine sol. It makes it obnoxiously clear that my house is clean, and you can tell this even if you were wearing a blind fold.

After cleaning I wanted to take a nap but the wife ruined that.

She likes to record candid videos of me doing embarrassing things and by the end of the video it is me getting pissed off. This of course comes across very comically on the screen. She has been doing this since I met her. Its actually kind of cute after the fact. BUT NEVER DURING. NEVER.

So it was approaching 1 pm. Time to head out to dinner at her house. So we all packed in the car and drive the 40 min to bumblefuck PA. When we arrive at the house we are greeted by the herd of dogs. Sprout, the skiddish brussels griffon; Teddy, the anxious separation anxiety morkie; and Cash, the calm old man dog who’s owner (the wife’s actual wife) is a cunt.

Love those dogs tho. They hate the kid. She just wants to run up to them and cuddle them and love them and they return her love by snapping at her and growling.

Dinner was prepared by her Aunt Lisa. Lisa is awesome. She wears a fitbit type thing around her ankle on her right foot, and for the longest time I thought this was a scram bracelet. HAHA when youre a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Her mom was there as well. I really like her mom. She is a bit intimidating. She is a nurse as well which I hope works in my favor. She got me a gift too. It was so nice. It was almost like I was presented with the “WE WELCOME YOU INTO THE FAMILY” award.

All in all I  actually didnt mind the family day. I like doing things like this with the wife.  In a weird way it lets me know that I would be cool actually spending the rest of my life with her.

Back to the grind tomorrow. On for 2 then off for 4.

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