Today began like any other. The wife made me chocolate chip pancakes (because yes she is awesome), and I got ready for work. Today the wife and kid drove me to work not because of snow, but because they love me.  I have to admit, sometimes I really love being a mom and a girlfriend to 2 amazing girls. So they drop me off outside the ER waiting room and as I wave good bye I am hit with that horrible feeling. The feeling when youre about to dedicate the next 10 hours of your life taking care of bull shit boo boos. I knew I would not be in the front of the ER because that is where the critical patients go.  The 7am crew get the good spots in the am. If they dont have the good spots, they will erase the assignment and put themselves in the good spots. So I clock in and go look at the daily assignment. 17, 18, 19.

So I am in the back of the ED for the 134928 time this month. I got an adorable old lady who’s heart rate was 150 in a rapid afib. She was throwing a few PVC’s every now and again but nothing major.  I went back to my desk to chart.  I see an order for Cardizem 20 mg IVP. Before I even get a chance to look up at the monitor, I hear the most annoying voice you could imagine bellow out from behind me.  Who could be creating such horrible sounds with their mouth?? Oh, the “I want to be charge nurse everyday but complain about being charge nurse everyday” nurse. She snarls at me, “ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, youre patient is in v-tach….” She said it in a tone that was belittling and made me feel very small. I wanted to take my freshly sharpened No. 2 pencil and vagina punch her with it.

Side note: I may mention very horrific acts of violence in my blog, but I would never actually do anything. I just dream about being that badass.

So I go and tend to my patient the same way I would have before the monster opened her mouth.  I got her heart rate down to to 105-119 bmp. But at this point im hungry and pissed. When I get mad, it comes out in tears. I hate this about myself  but its the truth. So my eyes being welling up like a little baby and as the tear fell I swiped it away with a Kleenex.

How on earth am I letting this nurse get to me? Who the fuck is she? She is no different than I am yet I am the one tearing up like an idiot.

I sucked it up and put my poker face back on to face the rest of my shift.  I put 2 applications in at other jobs however. I figure, I can be treated like shit and make more money somewhere else.

But I am home again and I have the day off tomorrow.  I have to call and harass the insurance company because I am trying to appeal my denial to have my breasts reduced. I have DDD’s and they hang down to my knee caps. Id rather pack my head in ice than talk to the insurance company but it looks like I have no choice.

I am excited to spend the day hanging out with the wife tho. Things are going really well. I have to admit that I find myself falling more and more in love with her everyday. Its not perfect, but she feels perfect for me. It is almost hard to believe that I only dated men my whole life and then I find this female who makes everything in the world make sense. She is in the shower now and I can picture every curve on her body as I sit on the bed typing this.

The kid is finally tucked in as well. She was acting like a small Satan since they picked me up. I love her to death but damn she can actually act in ways that make me sad. If only an 8 year old could understand how hard I work so she can have anything she needs. But thats enough for one night. Stay tuned to my exciting day off tomorrow. JK i will prob go to Home Goods or just cuddle in bed with the wife. Good night.

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