Barber shop

So I’m just sitting outside a Dominican barber shop. The wife needed her hair cleaned up. I have to admit, this place is pretty awesome. The barber’s wear these leather smoks that are straight out of Sweeny Todd. They also use high pressure air guns to blow off the excess hair. Blows my hair salon out of the water.

Today was a much needed day off.

I woke up at 7:58. The bus comes for the kid at 8:20. So I run upstairs and yell for her to wake up and that we over slept.

 It has been me and my daughter since the beginning. I tell her she is my A1 Day 1. And then she fist bumps me. Many people have come and gone from our life but that little girl will always have me. The wife makes a really really great addition I must say though. I just try to do the best I can with what I have.

So I manage to feed, dress, and medicate her in 20 min flat. Which is a world record in our house. Of course there was some screaming going on but hey, that’s us.

The wife arrives shortly after and comes up behind me and kisses me on my cheek while i sit at my vanity doing my make up. I love when she does that. It reminds me of a 50’s sitcom when the husband swings the front door open and yells “honey I’m home!!”

I was getting ready to go see a lawyer about custody issues with my daughters father. He is still an active alcoholic. It’s sad really. It’s like he froze in time and while I got sober, he just remained the exact same but with more wrinkles and thinning hair. 

The appt went well as could be expected. Nothing concrete just discussions. I’ll keep you posted with how that turns out. 

Later in the day the wife treated me to cup cakes at one of the most amazing Italian bakeries after going down on me at the dining room table. Very hot. These cupcakes are to die for. We split a 6 pack and became sugar drunk. It was so nice. Forget all my worries and problem in a sweet pastry. 

Which brings me back to this hip barber shop. Gotta grab the kid from daycare and give her a giant hug because I may not be perfect but I love her more than life itself. Back to the ER grind tomorrow. Ugh🔫

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