Day from hell

Yesterday I had my ass handed to me. I was in the back of the ER (aka the bullshit section that isn’t critical like constipation or SOB for 1 year with history of COPD). We were down to 2 nurses so we each had 4 patients. Every time I turned around there were new orders or a call bell to answer. I have been trying to lose weight weight so on top of all of this I’m HANGRY. I almost went all zombie and started eating my own fucking pts. However they were all old and prob wouldn’t taste good anyways. Ugh. All I wanted was a huge cheeseburger smothered in ketchup. But no, I had soup.

Sorry for the food tangent but if you can’t tell I’m hungry right now too…

I had a cute old lady who looked like Sophia from Golden Girls. She had one of the worst rectal bleeds I’d ever seen. Her diaper was literally oozing dark, foul smelling bloody stool. So at least this helped me to not be hungry for a good hour. The smell is so bad that you can taste it in the back of your throat. It would have been even worse, but the lady was adorable and confused so I gloved up and dove in.  It was stuck to get skin like tar. I try to think of cute little old lady’s like I think of my grandma. I try and treat them like I’d want her treated. But that’s only if they’re cute. If they’re gross and rude… then I just get in and get out. Just being honest. So by the time I was done for the day I smelled foul and was utterly defeated. I chained smoked a few cigarettes in the snow and took a deep breath. This Is what I do. It’s not glamorous but I still feel accomplished at the end of the day.

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